December 24, 2010

Dear Faithful  Readers,

I am so sorry to not keep up my blog since August…… Wow, those months have flown by. In summary, we finished up the CSA season and even had a Thanksgiving box, did several shows in the Chicagoland area, Open House at the shop, and enjoyed seeing the stories about the shop in the Country Companies Partners Magazine and the national coverage in Victoria Magazine.

On the farm front, all the sheep are doing well and we are preparing for a busy lambing season March.Eric is back from College for Christmas Break and we are enjoying the family time….speaking of which . I sincerely wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011I cannot promise daily coverage, but I will promise to stay more current in the year.



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August 31, 2010

Hello everyone!!!

Last day of August… getting the shop decorated for Fall, just planted some golden colored mums. Actually, really looking forward to a cooler month without the bugs!!! Being doing lots of the same, picking veggies, tending the animals, manning the shop. The new class schedule is on the website and we are getting copies printed up for a mailing. 

Have lots of entries for the Sandwich Fair.. collectables and veggies(Natasha). That should be lots of  fun. Then the Big Rock Plowing Match the third weekend in September.. Eric will be coming home to plow!! Sure do miss him.

Love to hear from you, hope school is going well for the kids and every one excited about the Fall. Happy September.



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August 14, 2010


I’m down at the shop and itis 9pm. Just came back from a fundraiser for a local polical candidate. Found the  rest of the family baling hay . I was so happy to see the teamwork. Pray it doesn’t get rained on, since they are tarping it tonight. I have a terrible headache, I cannot even bear to typpe anymore. Good Night


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August 11, 12 &13, 2010

Dear Friends,’

I ‘m still at Esther’s Place 9pm Friday night….the guys are trying to get the hay off  the ground but the storms just hit. Oh, boy. Hope we  can save this cutting. Hurrying to pick veggies for tomorrow, weather said we may have hail and damaging winds.

Only a few days left until Eric leaves for college. My heart goes out for all the moms who are experiencing this for the first time.

Really need to get home to make some dinner for the family. So much to share … will find more time tomorrow at the shop.

Live and love,


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August 10, 2010

Dear Blog Readers,

Made refrigerator pickles today.. still have to deal with the squash. Sorry if I don’t sound really excited… but I am tired and my left wrist hurts from pulling weeds and planting transplants yesterday.   Want to be more grateful and excited about my farm life…just having one of those days, worried about bills, etc. Guess I need to read the side of my barn- “Don’t Be Afraid… Just Believe”> Thank heavens for Natasha- she is always telling me to not focus on the bad stuff-just keep working… keep on believing, keep having hope. Faith, Hope and Love.



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August 9 & 10, 2010

Dear Faithful Readers of my Blog!!!

How are you surviving the heat? Hopefully, OK.  The animals are all fine. Thank you Lord. I stayed home from the shop this morning to do some transplanting and weed pulling. Wow!! Those mosquitos are sure persistent. Thanks to Natasha and her Bye Bye Buggy Balm I was able to stay out all morning and pull weeds in the tomato patch. All the heirlooms are coming and ever-bearing. Currently, I’m surviving the mosquito’s by helping my dear daughter with her custom spinning job. Hope everything turns out well and she doesn’t kill me for helping her! Please send me your favorite zucchini recipes ASAP my good and faithful followers. Thanks to you I take great pleasure in updating this wonderful yet short blog.

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August 7 & 8, 2010

Hi!.. !

Still picking in the dark for the CSA tomorrow. Need to get home to the animals. bugs are really bad!! Had a nice day up at the Farm Fest in Claredon Hills… Sunday we had a guest up from the Peoria area!! Happy Spinning , Dixie. Will try to get on for a longer post tomorrow or Tuesday… lots to share.

Hope all is  well in your homes. Stay safe and love one another!!

Love, Donna

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August 4, 5, 6, 2010

Hi there!!!

Wow, three days behind.. doing better. Was off to Black Hawk College with Eric to check out his apartment and look for jobs. We had a nice trip and left his resume with lots of contacts. Please pray for success. Thanks.

Cel ebrated our 27th Wedding with a nice dinner and a cinnamon roll. Really tired so we all called it an early night. Had a fun day today at the shop with Kid’s Camp. Can you believe summer is almost over..  Won’t miss the humidity and bugs. Need to go help Natasha pick for the CSA box tomorrow morning.

Bye for now! I’ll be in Hinsdale to do a show at a local church to celebrate farming.



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August 3, 2010

Hello faithful readers of my blog…. I have no excuses for not updating the blog …LIFE is what has prevented me from keeping up. Where do I start. We have successfully completed a month of vegetable farming and CSA delivery, managed to attend three shows…Midwest Folk and Fiber, Convergence in New Mexico and the Farm Days at Cantigny Park in Winfield. Did you ever have one of those months that you cannot imagine how you could ever accomplish everything. Well, that sums up July 2010. Guess something had to give.. that was my precious BLOG. Sorry. I plan to be more dedicated in the upcoming months. I really wanted to do a daily entry so I could watch my progress on the farm for a year and you could share the experiences with me.  As a brief update by week: Week of July 4th; spent the holiday planting seeds and transplants. didn’t say out to watch fire works since it was too buggy and was really tired and sore from all the garden work. Sheep are doing well .Surviving the heat and rains!! Lambs are all growing up nicely. Sweetie is getting house trained and is such a cutie.

Week of July 11th: sent Natasha  art piece off to Convergence, Albuquerque. Getting products ready for Midwest Folk and Fiber Fest as well as boxes to ship to New Mexico. Averaging 15 hour days!! Rewarding and tiring at the same time. Stayed up in Grayslake for the show. Did well, thanks to the volunteers that manned the shop!! We are so grateful to all those friends that made this month a reality.

Week of July 18th: Got back late SUnday night and turned around to pick veggies and get ready to present at Dixon-Murst Farm. Needing to package up and get ready for trip on tuesday. Off on Southwest to New Mexico first thing Tuesday AM. Landed and set up booth. A dry warm heat, my bones loved it!! Did well in the hotel, no heart attack symtoms like the last several times I stayed in a hotel at shows.  I requested a hypo allergenic room, really helped!! Met lots of interesting artists from all around the world. Natasha’s art piece look terrific and her vest made the fashion show( model did wear it inside out, oops). As soon as I can figure out the photo’s I’ll get them posted. Maybe Natasha will get them up on facebook.

Week of July 25th: Actually  had a chance to visit a Farmer’s Market and chat with local New Mexico Farmers. They have many of the same issues that we are facing her in Illinois. Amazing. Enjoyed lots of NEw Mexico cuisine and brought back CHILI. Had a chance to enjoy Santa Fe for a day. Really need a car and an extra week  to see more of the countryside. Perhaps a trip when the veggies are not growing would be better.

Week of July 25th: Hit the pavement running, had to pick and deliver, little time to even think of the trip. Still haven’t even unpacked the suitcases. Did get a chance to enjoy the Kendall County Fair- Eric was voted in a KING of the Fair!!  I had a rewarding day demonstrating at the Cantigny Farm Days. Came to find out that the sheep on the park ground a 100 years ago were Cheviots, just like the breed we raise!!! Small world.

Week of  August  1st: Happy August… getting sentimental about how fast the summer has flown by. Actually, it’s a relief to have the wet and muggy part getting behind us( Good perspective, Mary). Lambs have been separated from their mothers.. it’s called weaning. I’m never good at this. They both cry until the are horse. Cannot do much about it. Some of the lambs really are fine with it and some of the moms are really happy to not have to nurse any more. Now the lambs will be able to eat in peace with out the competing for their food. We will be celebrating our 27th Weeding (funny typo) Wedding Anniversary on August 5th. Wow!! where did all those years go??? I am very grateful for the memories . Eric will be heading off to BlackHawk College in a week. I sure will miss him!! For all those moms and sisters that will be missing their sons, daughters and siblings.. please come visit the shop for a group hug!! For all those moms who will be senting their children back to school, let’ pray for a safe school year and a chance to be more rested . I just heard an interesting study that dementia is caused by sleep deprevation, lack of good nutrition and water. These are three critical factors that contribute to brain cell deteriorization. On a happier note… HAPPY August.  Wonder what the month will have in store?? We will be at Stitches on August  19-22 in Schamburg, ILLInois in boothe 735/737 near the food!!

Cannot believe that all that activity could be condensed down to four paragraphs. Missing are the details of all the interesting people we meet and are thankful to come in contact with. We are truly blessed with great friends, helpers, family, and customers. Thank you Lord.


Donna the sheeplady is back!!!

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July 6, 2010

Too long for the lastest entry. I am so sorry. We have had tremendous technological difficulties- hard drive crashes and getting new software up and running and learning how to back up!!! YEs, please back up that data.

From a more exciting perspective on Shepherding… the sheep are all doing well the lambs are  growing up so quickly. Wev’e been delivering produce and other farm products for 5 weeks now. The gardens are starting to produce  more than the colder weather crops– stay tuned for squash, string beans and hopefully sweet corn. Actually, it takes 21 days after tasselling.

 Storms about ready to hit need to ge t home to animals, etc.



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